The Fast Way To Your 6 Pack

How (Really) Do You Get Your Stomach Cut?

There are a number of reasons why you can’t see your abs and there are a number of mistakes you can make on the way there.

Everyone wants nice, shapely abdominal muscles, to see the straight abdominal (dice) muscle and the oblique muscles coming down and flooding the sides of the waist and decorating the body.

But most people, until it comes to the result (if any), make a lot of mistakes along the way and learn how to groom the abdomen in a difficult and sweaty way, so if you’ve been looking for the reasons for a long time – you might want to try and find the obstacle first.

Fat percentages are too high

The most basic obstacle to getting a tummy tuck is simply too high fat. In other words, you just eat too much of everything.
In order to see the outline of the abdominal muscles in men, a low-fat percentage of at least 10-11% and women 16-17% is required. The lower the fat percentage, the more impressive the muscles.

So we’ll summarize this point and say that no matter what you do – with no low-fat percentage you won’t see abs.

Falls in the carbohydrate trap (and the need for “fat reduction” ..)

If you want to shed the padding from your body you must force the body to burn more fat. No, not by endless running, but by a diet rich in essential ingredients, including fat – but low in carbohydrates. In English, it was called “fat – adaptation”, or in other words, a state in which the body adapts to a life where fat is a more significant fuel, a condition that does not occur when carbohydrates are consumed every few hours.

If you’re also looking for “fat-reduced” all the time in the writer’s shelves – it’s time for you to stop, that’s not it. You need to eat fat from good sources and flush out the poorly processed carbohydrates (cereals, bread, and sweets).

If (also) you see in your mind a man running for miles or pedaling through his bike for the better world (the world where there are cubes in his stomach) – it’s time to rearrange the appropriate priorities for this purpose, and it works like this:

First of all – tailored weight training (one suitable for bodybuilding) + proper nutrition and only then aerobic exercise to improve cardiovascular endurance.

Hate cardio? No problem, you don’t have to.

Aerobic fitness training has many benefits that have been proven repeatedly over the years, reducing the chances of many conditions of illness and improving physical fitness – but there is no obligation to incorporate cardio into the body composition process and exposing the abs!

Bodybuilding – Abdominal Obesity (“Abdominal Obesity”)

Not all of the genetics welcomed the same characteristics. Some have a tendency to collect more fat around the stomach than other people. Anyone who has body structure and fat distribution that concentrates on the waist area can also reach a shapely abdomen, but in this situation, the percentage of normal fat needed to achieve this goal (10-11%) is no longer sufficient. Lower fat percentages should be dropped and this is not an easy task.

Perpetual abdominal bends

These are the people who will do hundreds (and maybe thousands) of crunches, every workout. These are the people in the scientific gospel who say that * fat can’t be burned locally by exercise * – just passed them by and they didn’t notice or listen.

In contrast, as part of your fitness workout (weight training!), A tummy tuck or two that combines true resistance and challenges the abdominal muscles will help develop a greater muscle mass in the abdominal muscles that will improve muscle appearance after reducing fat.

In summary, do you want to see your abs?

Put effort into reducing the fat percentage by reducing the number of carbohydrates in a responsible way, stop consuming processed carbohydrates and sweets, but also limit unprocessed carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits …). Don’t be so scared of food. Go deliberate and consult a knowledgeable dietitian or clinical dietitian to assist you.

If you hate aerobic exercise – don’t let this ruin your workout, you don’t have to do it for fat reduction purposes. However, it is worth mentioning that aerobic activity can speed up the process, but is not the heart of the process.

Increase your muscle mass with strength training and with the help of a professional trainer like a personal trainer, or workout in the gym near your home. Don’t invest too much time and effort into abdominal exercises.

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