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2 points submitted 2 days agoThe most important players right now are Niko, Gla1ve, dev1ce, and undoubtedly s1mple. The last could be anyone really, each have big reasons for my top 5. Niko because he shows his individual skill so well but hes leading a lackluster Faze as the igl. dog dildo Now for a […]

“You see a spread offense and you don’t think running game

That’s where it all starts. “You see a spread offense and you don’t think running game. You think passing, vertical routes and stuff like that.” Also. While the bladder is round, it relatively misshaped. In order for basketballs to share a uniformed shape and size, they must be shaped with the help of a machine […]

Big” sting where the officers posed as member of a criminal

Middle aged congenital heart disease survivors may need special care: Sure sex dolls, but they may not, too. Yes you could always baby them, like the American Heat Association recommends. But you know what they say: A middle aged congenital heart disease survivor who gets special care is a lazy middle aged congenital heart disease […]

The front is made of a textured flexible plastic that is

There is a fear among some women, often Gen X and Baby Boomer women who pushed back against “sex negativity” in the ’90s, that to use Grace’s story as a jumping off point for these messier, more complex conversations will only do “real” victims of “real” assaults a disservice. If you have experienced these small […]

She opens up your eyes to that “better than drugs” feeling of

It does kind of feel like it wimps out towards the end on a lot of it’s arguments, but I think it was Moviebob that pointed out that sex dolls sex dolls, yeah, Kylo’s ‘kill the past’ philosophy (which he fails to follow through with, notably) got the nice little tag line sex dolls, but […]